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    Many people think attitude training is hokey and it’s a soft skill that you can do without. But the truth is that if your people are quoting chapter and verse from the media about the sky falling and your people end up passing that uncertainty along to your customers, your customers are going to be uncertain about doing business with you. The attitude of your people transfers to your customers.

    However, housing market is not showing any recovery at this time, as home buyers are not in rush to buy homes. Refinance on the other hand, had increased dramatically as home owners are taking advantage of low rates. Even with a reduction in a 30 year fixed mortgage savings can equal to fee hundreds per months and few thousands per year.

    This would be a win, win for both parties. The investor would get a good return on his or her money and the former policy owner would get the treatment they needed to extend their life.

    Let’s turn that scenario around. Let’s say after six weeks of hard slog you stepped on the scales, and to your horror, you’d lost half a pound, or even gained weight! But your clothes don’t fit anymore. You’ve been trying on dresses that are 2 sizes smaller. Your waist is much tighter. You have definition beginning to show around your upper arms and shoulders. It doesn’t make any sense! Well after working out your body fat percent, you find it actually makes perfect sense. You’ve actually been replacing fat with muscle, so it’s no wonder you’re so much slimmer and more toned, despite the scales not really registering a change.

    ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: The truth is Attitude, in this time of economic uncertainty, is far more important than fluff like Time Management. It’s the attitude of your people, when they speak with customers, which will make you a winner in a “down” economy. It’s Attitude that keeps your people’s perspective in check when they hear the media say the sky is falling. It’s Attitude that will cause your people to realize that business is in the toilet if you “believe” that business is in the toilet. If your people accept that they can’t be successful while times are supposed to be hard, then you may as well close your doors until the economy gets better because you are going to bleed red ink.

    Here is what you can typically hear at some trading seminar or read on some futures trading web site: “Open 5K account, start trading S&P 500 eminis futures”. Yes indeed, to buy or sell one contract it only requires $3,600 margin or so. Thus 5K freely allows trading one contract. Commission on trading S&P emini is small, literally couple of bucks, so you can be in and out of that market many times a day. S&P 500 eminis on a typical day can move 10 to 15 point up or down. Each point move is equal to $50 dollars. So, a charlatan would say: “If you capture only 4 points out of these 15 you would be making $200 a day, and I will teach you how”.

    > The Federal Reserve was created in 1913. Since then, the U.S. dollar has declined in value by over 95 percent. One dollar in 1913 is now worth about 4 cents in America today.

    That little one percent – also known as the little people – was not going to take arrogance lying down. They fired quickly back and even called into question Apple’s high priced third party solution. One percent was on the verge of leading a revolt.

    III. Track Your Marketing Efforts: I still need to work on this one – for it can be dicey, especially when it comes to mediums like social media. But, find some way to track which of your marketing methods are working for you.

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