The Relevance In Learning Math

The Relevance In Learning Math

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    Play this family game: Draw a number line with ten or calc ( more numbers on it. Each person gets a chance to choose two numbers on the line. The next person has to make a “bigger than” or “smaller than” statement with the numbers. Also use terms like “larger than”, “more than” and “less than”. Make some deliberate mistakes to see if your child can spot them!

    If you are becoming overwhelmed reading this and are thinking that you will never be able to teach upper level mathematics, don’t worry. There are many fine homeschool math classes to be found. When your child gets to advanced math, you can either learn along with him or send him to an outside math class. Or you can use a math tutor or math instruction videos.

    To play the kids just go around the group counting in ones but when they get to the number seven, any multiple of seven or any number that contains a seven, they say the buzz word instead. If they don’t they are out. So the counting should sound like this – one, two, three, four, five, six, ‘boo’, eight, nine ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, ‘boo’ etc. Sounds easy but does require concentration and also a good knowledge of multiples.

    Because we live in a world where grades and formalized assessments are so important, work with the system by differentiating assessment for learning and assessment of learning.

    As a teacher or administrator, spend time during the fall months by planning for and scheduling a single day each week during the months of February and March (right before testing) to have volunteers come in to teach math in small groups. But what’s nice is that if developed correctly, these volunteers don’t need to have any special training in math.

    After your child is proficient in decimal and fraction problems, I highly recommend he begin to use a calculator to do all his math problems. He should learn to use a scientific graphing calculator. Using a scientific graphing calculator is a subject in itself and takes a lot of practice. His college classes and exams will require it. And there are so many complicated math problems that can not be efficiently worked without a scientific calculator. Believe me, even with the use of this calculator his problems will be tough to work. Today, math is so much more than doing calculations by hand and he will need time to master this advanced work.

    Keeps you in the loop with your bills. Ever had that particular moment when the bills crept up on you? We could imagine that it would have felt like the evil twin of a surprise party crept up then sucker-punched you. When you’re good with math, and vigilant with your bill and utility numbers, you won’t be surprised when the actual bills come. This is because you will most likely know your consumptions and expenses. In fact, you may even have a running tally of your expenses noted in your head.

    There is only one true answer in math. It is fun to take this concept into chess. Figure out the problem you need to solve. Know that there is only one correct answer for the solution and you can find it if you use math. Use good strategy, good math concepts and win your chess board game.

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