The 15 Definitive Exercises For Your Belly

The 15 Definitive Exercises For Your Belly

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    The pandemic has paid us all bills, and whoever says otherwise lies. If you also ask yourself why even though the celebris, who have lived it just like us, have that belly-tap, we give you good news: we have the answers. We’ve talked to some of the best personal trainers in the country to tell us what the secret is, because yes, even if you don’t believe it, you’re still on time.

    “The abdomen is one of the points where the fattest, and before, it accumulates, so it conditions us and makes it, of course, harder to remove it, both in men and in women. In addition, hormonal production and regulation plays an important role in it and makes that area so difficult to reduce many times,” the experts from the Metropolitan gyms explain.

    The specialists Alejandro Marcet, from Urban Sports Club, and Javi del Mazo, have proposed a routine of 15 exercises tone and flatten the abdomen, insisting that getting a tablet of abs like those of the magazines is only possible, in addition, with a good training routine that raises energy spending, and with diet. As for the exercises to spend energy, in Metropolitan they advise to perform high-intensity trainings, between 3-4 days a week to raise the basal metabolism and so burn calories not only when training but also at rest. If, on the contrary, you better tolerate the less intense sessions, you will need more continuity between sessions, going to take 5 to 6 weekly sessions. But these 15 exercises also work directly on the abdomen and, what’s better, you can do them at home.

    “Also, it’s important not to demand more from the account and schedule an exercise schedule that will prevent you from leaving, with varied and fun routines that you want,” says coach Alejandro Marcet. A good rest (the lack of sleep alters the balance of hormones that regulate appetite). And during the training, drinking water every 10 minutes before, during and after their practice, but without getting bored, is always a smart measure. Although experts advise to do so at any time of the day, “as it is exercises for the abdomen, it is better to do them no more to eat, it is better to make a light meal based on fruit, for example, before running them,” Marcet says.

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    Tomb up and with feet on the ground. Flex the
    hip with intent to carry the knee (to 90 degrees) to the
    chest while you rotate the trunk to that knee and try to touch it with the opposite elbow. At the same time, stretch the other leg, and so on. If you support your leg spread on the floor, it will cost you less, but if your legs don’t touch the ground, you work more.

    If you have any kind of issues relating to exactly where as well as how you can employ, you’ll be able to contact us from our own webpage. 2 Abdominal legs alternate

    Tomb upside-down with arms along the body, it climbs and lowers the legs to 45o with a slight bending of the knee. The leg that’s down, doesn’t touch the floor.

    3 Abdominal seat

    Standing, with your feet to the width of your shoulders and your feet’ tips looking forward, stretch your arms parallel to the front apart from the shoulder width. Drop the torso by flexing the hips until they are placed at the height of the knees. Flex the knees to be aligned with the tips of the feet, keeping you straight and with the front view without modifying the lumbar curvature.

    This exercise is focused on the oblicuous abdominals. Tomb upside down, you cross one leg above the other and raise your knee to the opposite elbow. With the one that’s higher, go with the elbow against looking for that knee.

    Tomb upside-down with the flexioned knees and the soles of the feet supported on the ground, bring the heels to a palm of distatisfaction of your glutes. In this position, lift the glutes to place the trunk in a straight line without lifting the head. Go up, lie down a few seconds in that posture, and come down.

    Tomb upside-down with the legs flexed forming a 45o angle, gently pull one of the knees leading them to your chest.

    Place yourself as if you’re in a position of exit for the 100 meters. It supports hands on the ground at shoulder height with extended arms. Take a knee to your chest while you keep the other knee extended. Quickly, alternate the position of the legs, extending and flexing once every time.

    This exercise looks like the Hip Bridge. From the position above, raise a knee and bend it by making a 45-angle or supporting only the foot heel that stays on the ground. With the arm on the same side of the raised knee, push it as if you wanted to get it down to the ground while maintaining the resistance. Repeat with the other side.

    Totally stretched upside down, with arms stretched backwards and legs stretched together on the top of the feet and hands, the four. The ideal thing in this exercise is that when you stretch and return to the initial position, don’t touch the ground.

    10 Obliquious side plank

    Place yourself on the semitumbada floor side with the flexed legs and elbow under the shoulder. Strongly contrasts the abdominal musculature, mainly the oblipids (side muscles of the abdomen) and the average gluteum to elevate the hip of the floor. Press glutes and abdomen while you’re taking your hip forward so your body is fully aligned. From there, flex the knee on the side of the arm that supports the ground.

    Great for the area of the oblĂ­cuos, the transverse and the whole toracolumbar fascia. From an iron supporting your hands on the floor with your arms straight, turn to a side lifting your arm from that side to the sky. Hold the position with the right body. If it costs you, bend your knees and elbows. Repeat with the other side.

    Put your face down on your elbows and your feet tips by taking off the abdomen from the ground. The head, the trunk and legs must be straight and the look at one metre ahead on the floor. From there, throw an arm forward along the opposite leg, which you will climb to the horizontal with the hip. Repeat with the other side.

    A classic to work the lower fibers of the abdomen. Tomb upside-down, we put our hands on the buttocks so that the back and the lumbars don’t move and the hip doesn’t suffice. Lift your legs up to a little less than 80 degrees, and put them straight up to two fingers of the ground. Go back up. Another variant is that feet touch the ground. And you can also bend your knees if you can’t.

    Lie face down on a flat and comfortable surface (the ideal is a mat of those used to do yoga). Once you’re on the floor, stretch the two arms and the two legs at the same time holding you only on your abdomen.

    Tumbadas upside down, with your feet on the ground and your knees flexed, lift the shoulder blades to two fingers of the ground while you stay in slight bending of the trunk. Make a lateral bow of successive column tilting to one side and to another, trying to touch the heels with the hands.

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